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Complete or partial rewire. 


  • Relocate a socket.
  • Replace messy wiring/sockets.
  • Replace damaged or faulty wiring/sockets.
  • Re-arrange existing cable runs.


    A complete rewire can potentially improve the performance and reliability of your telephone/broadband service and can also decrease the potential for faults, which can affect your telephone/broadband service.
    Using up to date sockets and modern wiring methods can also future proof your telephone line for new technologies within the home.
    Below - Typical BT type Master Sockets, currently used for telephone and broadband services;
                Master Socket - Standard Faceplate                                                   Master Socket - ADSL Filtered Faceplate
      Rewires are priced per job, due to the nature of a rewire being so individually different and varying from a small to a fairly labour intensive job.  Large jobs may require a survey beforehand.