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Home Network Ethernet

A single Ethernet socket with an RJ45 outlet installed using Category 5e cable.
 A single Ethernet socket with an RJ45 outlet provides a high speed (Ethernet) connection from your ‘network switch’ or ‘broadband modem’ to a PC, laptop, printer, games console, TV etc.
The more Ethernet sockets you have installed, the more devices you can plug in (PC’s, laptops, printers etc) giving you a bigger and more flexible home network. 
A home network can enable you to;


  • Connect your PC, laptop in a different room from your broadband modem and use your internet connection.
  • Connect multiple PC’s, laptops, Games consloes, TV's and share your internet connection at the same time.
  • Share files, printers, hard drive space and other resources between all your devices.


Note – to connect your Ethernet Home Network to your broadband internet service, your Broadband modem must have Ethernet ports.
Ethernet is a 'cabled' alternative to WiFi which is 'wireless'.  Home networks are usually 'Ethernet' (cabled) or 'WiFi' (wireless) as these two network types are most common with home user equipment (Broadband modems, PC's, Laptop's, Printer's, Games consoles and other devices).
There are certain advantages of having a ‘cabled’ Ethernet network over a ‘wireless’ WiFi network.  An Ethernet network is cabled and therefore is generally not affected by interference like a ‘wireless’ network can be.  Due to an Ethernet network being constructed with high quality cable (category 5e) you will get a faster and more stable connection around your home network.  Also, an Ethernet network has no ‘wireless’ signals floating around in the air, and so is much more secure from WiFi hackers.
Home Phone Solutions can install the RJ45 socket outlets and Category 5e cable required for a home Ethernet network.
Home Network Ethernet from £95 for a single socket outlet installation. 
Note - Once your 'ethernet' home network is installed, you may require certain devices such as PC's, Laptops, Printers etc to be configured on your home network.  This will depend on the complexity of your requirements for your home network.
For assistance with configuring your home network devices (or other computing issues), please click 'useful' page and contact CD Systems.