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          Phone Extension Sockets
          Fault finding + Repair work
Domestic / Home telephone engineering can sometimes be taken for granted.  We often pick up the phone and make a call or connect to the internet and surf the World Wide Web without thinking about it. 
When a fault occurs, which is affecting your telephone/internet service, we can sometimes feel isolated from communicating with the outside world.
The telephone cabling, wiring, sockets in your home can have an affect on the performance of your telephone/internet service.
By having good quality cables/sockets installed in your home and using up to date wiring methods, the potential for a poor telephone/internet service is greatly reduced.
Home Phone Solutions have 10 years experience (ex-BT engineer) installing and maintaining telephone wiring.  Trained to a very high standard we can provide a range of telephone engineering services for your Home Phone Line.
Home Phone Solutions use high quality products (cables, sockets etc) for any new installations, repair work in your home.  The equipment used are from the same manufacturers that most major National Telecoms Companies use.
When you contact Home Phone Solutions you can be sure of a friendly and pleasant experience.  Telecoms jargon can often be full of technical terms, phrases or words which are not always obvious to what they are or mean, so feel free to ask any questions that you may have.


Terms and Conditions


All materials supplied and fitted by Home Phone Solutions for new work is guaranteed for two years if cable runs are surface mounted. 
This excludes;- cable/wiring running under flooring/carpets;- faulty customer apparatus affecting the line;- damage caused by someone at customer premises;- damage caused by fire, water etc;- theft, loss, removal or modifications made by someone at customer premises;- fault/s or damage caused by external environmental factors (eg lightning, electrical surges, flooding etc).
Home Phone Solutions are not a Network or Communication Service Provider and therefore will not be liable for any compensation claims against loss of telephone/broadband service.


All items/materials provided by Home Phone Solutions for new work will remain the property of Home Phone Solutions until paid in full.


Prices printed do not include the supply/fitting of any trunking.  Trunking can be supplied and fitted at an additional cost.